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Dolphin cupcake topper


You get a dozen frolicking dolphins for only 20.00.

Imagine the delight on the face of whoever you present cupcakes with this delightful dolphin on their cake or cupcake. You can imagine that undeniable sounds of the clicks and whistles as the edible dolphins frolic on the frosting. You get a dozen dolphins in silver or blue. If you need a different color let your imagine soar with the dolphins. At only 20.00 for a dozen you can’t go wrong. Although these are edible please be aware that they do dry very hard so you may want to keep them as a keepsake instead or devouring them. Properly stored these will last for generations.

An important notice about breakage…
The sugar items are just that…sugar, not wrought iron!
Some of them are very delicate and breakage during shipping may and does occur. I bundle these items up very, very carefully, since I have so much time and hard work invested in each piece. If a piece breaks, it breaks my heart, and you, as the buyer, need to know that.

I am emotionally invested in each and every creation! It is not just a disappointment on your end if something breaks in shipping. It is a horrible feeling for me, as “the artist”, to not only invest time and effort in something I hope is wonderful for your event, but also, since I am excited FOR you to receive something great that will make you happy, it is a huge disappointment for me to know that my effort is wasted, and worse still that I may have an unhappy person on the other end of my work!

So if something happens during shipping, don’t feel alone-I will be disappointed too!

I can be contacted to discuss anything regarding concerns or questions. Please contact me as soon as you receive your item if something happens. Know that I will do and have done everything possible to insure that your receive your flowers in the best shape possible and that I hopefully exceed expectations. Thank you for your understanding.


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