What We Make


Artwork in Sugar

The Design Process…

Creating custom cake or sugar paste flowers on the cake is an art. We make it with love and passion. Basic requirements tools and materials to decorate a cake…

    • Gum paste.
    • Flower cutters of your choice.
    • Fondant roller.
    • Ball tool.
    • Foam mat.
    • Forms to place your flowers for drying.

Firstly we need to make the gum paste stretchable and elastic. Gum paste can be rolled very thinly, even as thin as paper. And this makes very real-life looking petals for flowers. Gum Paste cutters will make easy to make gum paste flowers. They come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. Cutters come in plastic or metal. Metal cutters cut sharper edges than plastic ones. Other tools are also needed for making flowers beautiful and real. First, we need to do is choose a form to hold flower our. We need to fill our bowl or form with a light dusting of powdered sugar. Now we cut the petals with the soft hand and place it on the foam mat. Now we arrange the petals as per our requirement. I use a small amount of lemon extract or vodka between each layer of petals. After completing this process, we leave it for dry. Once they are dry, I paint them or brush them with luster dust. So, making sugar paste flowers or sugar flowers for cake is very simple but creativity needed to make it real and awesome.


Art Imitates Life…

Sugar flowers expect the delicacy and wonder of new blooms without their momentary, blurring nature. With their tough petals and wither evidence piece, they offer couples more solid, strong blossoms. If your most loved bloom is out of season (or more expensive than your financial plan can manage), a sugar paste flowers or sugar flowers for cakes is a wedding-commendable substitution. These cakes are beautiful, realistic, and completely customizable, made in shapes, colors, and varieties that suit any scheme or theme.


The Results…

So, make your birthday day, wedding day or any other special day more special and memorandum with our beautiful custom design cake and sugar paste flowers. To check our existing, creation, you can visit our cake gallery.

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