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About Kristen Wilson

My greatest joy in life–other than my children (well MOST of the time)–is when I hear that gasp of delight from a customer when they receive their handmade sugar flowers.  Whether they be for a child’s birthday cake, to celebrate an anniversary or wedding, or another special day…my edible treasure help to make it complete.


Cakes, Cupcake decorations, Custom edible cupcake toppers no longer take a backseat to the celebration. They are front and center and are the focal point at most events.  I am here to help you customize your DIY event or to save bakery owners precious time when creating a showstopper.  At Edible Treasures, I create elegant and whimsical sugar flowers that are crafted by hand with exquisite detailing.  The color and size of any flower can be customized to provide a final touch of perfection on your cake–whether classical or fanciful.


I’ve been making Cakes, Cupcake decorations, Custom edible cupcake toppers for friends & family for 15 years.  I began doing more elaborate sugar flowers to add a special touch to my brother’s wedding cake.  The moment I started making flowers, I knew I’d found my passion!  To create something so beautiful out of a lump of ‘edible clay’ is incredibly gratifying and precious to me.


Please try some of our Edible Treasures on your next event confection.  I promise that I will do whatever I can to make you a satisfied customer–to make sure you feel great about what you’ve purchased and that you feel you’ve received value from your purchase.

–Kristen Wilson, Edibles Designer

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